Fantastic feedback from our latest NPQML session

On 28th March 2019 we held our latest NPQML session ‘Teaching and Curriculum Excellence’. The session received fantastic feedback from attendees: hear from from them below.

Were the learning outcomes from the session met? (12 responses)

Yes :100%

Objectives for the session were clear from the outset of the session and referred back to throughout.

Did the facilitator(s) maximise the learning of the group? (12 responses)

Yes :100%

The learning was engaging, practical and thought provoking.

Would you recommend this training session to a professional colleague? (12 responses)

Yes :100%

It is a wonderful way of working collaboratively by sharing our experiences in teaching and learning. This is channeled effectively by the team leaders.

Overall, did you feel that the session was worthwhile? (12 responses)

Yes :100%

Just another enjoyable, knowledge filled day. Thank you

Today was another enjoyable day with lots of practical ideas to take back to the classroom as well as deepening my understanding of theory.