Feedback from our latest NPQML session

Our Teaching School Alliance recently delivered the latest NPQML session, Strategic Leadership for Impact and Improvement.

The session receive fantastic feedback which we are proud to share with you.

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Were the learning outcomes from the session met?

Yes (100%)


Again another informative a sessions that developed my understanding of data and leadership.

I really enjoyed learning about the range of management styles and identifying which I am. I now know how to use my data analysis within my project.

The session was clearly devised with lots of relevant and useful tasks and activities. The models for sucessful team development and managing change were pertinent to the stage we’re at with the project.

All the delegate’s expectations from the session were discussed at the start and addressed during the session.

Great – lots to think about and follow up.

Very well organised and matched with my needs.

A very informative day with lots of opportunities to reflect, and plan my next steps.

Great session again. Really good things to take back and try at work. Gave clarity on what stage of the project I am up to and what my next steps should be. I have some concrete ideas on how to communicate more effectively with difficult staff, and how to overcome problems.

A full day of excellent training.

Outcomes were clearly stated at the start of the session also and referred back to throughout.

Did the facilitator(s) maximise the learning of the group?

Yes (100%)


Fantastic facilitators.

Yes through a range of interactive learning activities.

There was lots of content, the discussions were focussed and supportive.

Very inclusive. Different range of tasks and opportunities for discussion

Everyone had the opportunity to share and get involved.

Lots of great discussions and examples, linked to relevant theory.

A good balance of hands on activities and discussion work with peers.

Would you recommend this training session to a professional colleague?

Yes (100%)


Very informative and useful.

I will use parts of this course in staff meetings and discuss with the Executive Head.



How would you rate the pre-session information and communication?

Very Good (85%)

Good (7%)

Adequate (7%)

Overall, did you feel that the session was worthwhile?

Yes (100%)


All outcomes were met, the activities we carried out supported my understanding further.

Thank you so much for an extremely infomative and relevant session.

Thank you for the consideration given to my dietary requirements.

Thank you – a super day. Theory/research mixed with practical strategies and reflections to create impact back at school.


Thank you to the facilitators, it was a seamless session with clear goals and process of meeting them.

Excellent again. Thank you.