School to School Support

We know that one of the most powerful ways of achieving improvement is through collaboration; with the best schools and leaders supporting those that are more challenged.  However, it is not only the school or centre receiving support that improves – providing support gives even the most accomplished teachers and leaders an opportunity to gain new ideas and improve their own practice.

Local Leaders of Education

Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) are successful head teachers with a proven track record of supporting other schools, and with the capacity to work alongside other heads, to drive forward improvements and build capacity to ensure that improvements can be sustained.

Elmridge Primary Teaching School is a member of the GM LLE Collaborative which is a collaborative partnership of 9 Teaching School Alliances across Greater Manchester. The aim of programme is to improve pupil outcomes through partnership working between schools and academies

The purpose is to train, develop and support aspirant and existing Local leaders of Education building a community of practice across Greater Manchester ensuring the best possible system led support for schools is available.

For more information on those LLEs designated by the Collaborative and available to support schools please click here.

Further information, detailing and exploring the potential of school to-school support, is available on the DFE and National College Website