Abbie, School Direct Trainee

School Direct trainee

The children are absolutely my favourite thing about teaching, building the rapport and the relationships is my passion. I love the mornings when they first come in and have so much to tell you. They’re so fresh and excited and want to share what they have been doing. It’s really lovely that they want to share that with you.

The first term was tough and I really didn’t know how I was going to get through it. I struggled at first with the subject knowledge, especially maths, I just didn’t have the confidence. I built up my confidence even more in my second placement and a new environment helped me to apply what I had learnt. I felt so much more confident by the time I came back to Elmridge for my second placement, I had felt a really big change.

My class mentor was amazing, it was great to have someone to look up to and watch teach.  My Teaching Assistant has also been fantastic – I wish I could take them with me! These people will definitely be friends for life, they have really helped me to boost my confidence on the course. I also had a great mentor on my second placement.  Both mentors were leads in their areas and were so passionate about their subjects.

I have also made friends with the other School Direct trainees, it’s been great to have a group who you know are going through the same thing.

Eventually I would like to progress to get more responsibility and become a leader as I enjoy leadership. I would like to lead a subject and lead a key stag – maybe Key Stage 1 because I love phonics.

I have grown so much during my time training. Teaching is such a big responsibility and this was my first professional job. I’ve definitely matured, and learnt how to deal confidently with more adults, such as parents and other teachers.  My confidence has definitely grown.

I would definitely recommend the school direct route. I weighed up the other options, and have really appreciated how much more practical this route into teaching is. I was in the classroom, observing and building a rapport straight away. I feel so prepared to begin a teaching a job with the experience I have had.  I think this route has been intense, but I’ve developed and grown quicker and feel job-ready.

Overall it’s been an amazing journey with lots of ups and downs, but the children have really made it for me and even boosted me.