Collette, School Direct Trainee

My favourite thing about teaching is building relationships with the children, which I think is the most important thing. I love seeing the children progress and develop – every day is enjoyable and different too.  I go home with a smile on my face, the job is so rewarding.

Balancing the university side and the teaching side was a challenge at first.  Particularly juggling assignments while also trying to improve my teaching. However, I managed to align my priorities and learn from working alongside my mentor.

The support from the teaching school alliance has been amazing. My experience was so positive and on my placement I received really valuable constructive criticism.  This had a really big impact and helped me to improve.

In five years I hope to still be teaching and to be a confident teacher. I want to be taking risks and maybe be a subject leader and even mentoring other trainee teachers.  Most importantly I still want to be enjoying teaching.

I’ve massively grown in confidence.  At the start of the year I wasn’t confident standing in front of a class – now I’m excited to have my own class in September.

I would definitely recommend the School Direct route.  The support is incredible and you get hands-on experience and see fantastic teaching from the very beginning. It’s been a brilliant year.