Rob, School Direct Trainee

My favourite thing about teaching is seeing the impact on the children. Every day is different and fast-paced. I really enjoy teaching Maths, but I like to teach all subjects. I’m looking forward to having my own class and really seeing them grow and develop.

The most challenging part of the training for me were the assignments and the paperwork.  Planning took me a lot of time at first. I feel that I can balance the workload more.

The support has been great in both of my placement schools. My mentor was great.

In five years I would like to be a subject leader and I possibly like the idea of teaching in another country. I feel that my opportunities have now opened massively.  However, I’m still eager to develop.

I’ve become more reflective and much more organised during my training. I was in the military, so I thought I already was organised, but teaching is very different! The course has been great – you teach from day one.

I’d recommend School Direct to others, you’re in school from day one. You know what to expect when you start working in a school – you’re thrown in at the deep end.  I’ve learnt to adapt in different situations.

I’m realising now at the end how much I have done.  It’s been so worthwhile and I’ve been able to see the impact I have had on the children.