School Direct 2018/2019 Alliance Induction

An exciting day, meeting all of our School Direct trainees again!  They have each spent two weeks in their placement schools and were full of both nerves and excitement.  We took the opportunity to reflect on experiences so far, they included having attended INSET days, staff meetings, university training and the definite highlight was meeting the children that they are going to be teaching.

The trainees were introduced to the Teachers Standards, becoming more familiar with them and creating a baseline of where each individual is starting from.  There was opportunity to reflect on a ‘Wow Moment’ so far and revisit why we want to be teachers.  The importance of ‘reflection’ was explored with trainees given a workshop on ‘journalling’.

A great timetable is ahead for the trainees … the next school-based training session is on ‘Quality First Teach’.

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